Patient Centered Healthcare
Dr. Eileen Hoffman is an internationally renowned internist with 30 years of experience as a practitioner of integrated medicine: focusing on the whole person, rather than on only specific diseases or body parts. Her practice is centered on YOU. No two patients are exactly the same, neither should their care be.

Her team is committed to delivering cutting edge health care, but with old-fashioned personal attention. As the healthcare system has grown more complicated and bureaucratic, Dr Hoffman’s practice is your advocate in getting what you need.

While Dr. Hoffman serves a diverse patient population including both men and women of all ages, her specialty is Women’s Health. This medical approach integrates medicine, mental health and gynecology — not just by adding them together –but by focusing on the dynamic interplay between them. Even more, this approach is rooted in an emerging science that includes female biology and women’s psychosocial experience.

  Women’s Health is a model showing how medicine can update from the old science (reducing everything down to its parts) to the new science of complexity (integrating every factor at play and the communications between them). Women’s healthcare can no longer be restricted to reproductive healthcare alone. A woman’s unique biological ability to adapt to a pregnant state helps us learn how change can lead to stability for women...and for men.

You are invited to join this practice and be appreciated as A WHOLE PERSON IN THE CONTEXT OF YOUR LIFE, not just a sore throat or a diseased organ.

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