Dr. Eileen Hoffman Testimonials

  • "I feel better the moment I walk through the door. I am known personally and I have everyone’s full attention so that I get what I need."
  • "I was going from specialist to specialist getting test after test but I didn’t get diagnosed correctly until I saw Dr. Hoffman. It wasn’t a test that told her what it was…it was her thinking."
  • "I had serious complications after spinal surgery. I was confined to the hospital for months. She may be my internist, but she functioned as my “Medical CEO” when as many as 10 specialists were involved in my treatment. Everyone should have a doctor like her captaining their team."
  • "I am a stubborn woman who rarely calls the Doctor, especially when I feel too sick to pick up the phone. Dr. Hoffman heard from my family that I was not feeling well and she called me. She heard my breathing, sent me to the emergency room and saved my life."
  • "Not until I faced cancer did I realize how important it was to have an internist who looked at all of me, not just my cancer."
  • "I really appreciate Dr. Hoffman’s whole person/women’s health perspective. She is so good, especially at diagnosis, every other doc said I had Fibromyalgia but all my aches and pains went away when she treated my Vitamin D deficiency. She’s so good that my husband got over his shyness about seeing a woman physician who specialized in women’s health!"
  • "Dr. Hoffman is the first doctor I’ve seen who cares about my medical costs. She may not take insurance but I don’t have to see multiple specialist. She involves me in decisions about tests and medicines and is conscious of my limited financial resources. I sure appreciate the fact that Dr. Hoffman’s practice believes total call includes looking after my wallet."
  • "I am excited about her knowledge of nutrition and alternative medicine. She knows I like to take natural approaches instead of prescriptions."
  • "I felt like I was going through a revolving door from doctor to doctor to emergency room. The first time I saw her she asked if I had ever been forced to have sex against my will or physically hurt in an intimate relationship just like she asked any other question. For the first time I said, “Yes”. She knew special therapists who deal with problems like mine and I finally stopped having all those bad feelings in my body."